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Release Date: 6 December 2013
Length: 130 minutes
Synopsis: It's not your run of the mill romantic comedy, so don't go expecting one and you won't be disappointed.




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It isn't a candy floss romance as the name might suggest



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Prema Ishq Kaadhal – It isn’t a candy floss romance as the name might suggest

Prema Ishq Kadhal is a romantic comedy entertainer, which has a few commercial elements to woo mass. Pavan Sadineni’s interesting story and screenplay, lead actors’ performance, a few comedy scenes, Shravan’s music and background score, Karthik Gattamneni’s cinematography, beautiful costumes and art works are the main highlights of the film.

Pavan Sadineni has an interesting storyline for Prema Ishq Kadhal, which is a quirky human drama revolving around three love stories without an intersection. At one point, all three protagonists appear in the same frame. The debutante director has tried to offer a message that has already been brought on screen several times earlier. But his way of narration looks unique, fresh and entertaining. The first half of Prema Ishq Kadhal is loaded with lot of fun, romance, comedy and dashing songs. This portion will definitely entertain the film goers to the core. The pace of the narration slows down a bit in the second half, but it is engrossing. The climax is unique and interesting. It offers a beautiful message about the difference between love and life.

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Music Review

Shravan makes superb use of guitar in the title song, first with that breezy ballad-style and then breaking out with electric guitars in grand style; it is sung well by him too! Tulle starts tentatively, but the main hook gives it a high! Sammatame is very Mickey J Meyer – because of Sai Krishna’s solo vocals and the slow, chorus-led build-up, perhaps! Varun Nadhav excels in Gundu soodi, with Shravan’s unique, pleasant orchestration making a huge difference, while Chetakani is the one track that drones on predictably. After Eyy and Alias Janaki, Shravan is definitely moving in the right direction!

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