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Genre: ,
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Release Date: 31 Jan 2014
Length: 2 hrs 28 mins
Synopsis: Puri Jagannadh's Heart Attack has got rich visuals and good dialogues. However, the film fails to make the cut with a clichéd story-line and few cringe-worthy moments. A one time watch.




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Heart Attack is a Half Baked Cake from Puri's Bakery!



Movie Review

One would expect some unique story point in the film looking at the title. However Heart Attack is just an interesting title for an ordinary film. Nitin’s traveler character doesn’t make any sense. Why is he wandering around all the countries and why does he run after Adah Sharma for no reason. First half of the film has four songs which comes and goes without proper situations.

There are some moments that are in lighter vein, which would keep the flow going. Interval scene is just ordinary and doesn’t create any interest on the film. Second half is routine stuff with Nitin coming back for heroine and fighting with the villain. Except for few dialogues there isn’t anything that impresses in this film.

Heart Attack is yet another half hearted attempt from Puri Jagannadh with a half baked script. Luck has to favor Nitin if this film has to pass off as an average grosser. It is high time Puri Jagannadh should stop making films with no proper content. A story should have at least a theme, middle and ending no? Why to make films that neither entertains nor bores the audience. Absolute time waste this!

Music Review

Nuvvante naaku is wonderfully pulsating, with captivating music, including a sly, obvious nod to Rahman! Anup adorns the lovely melody of Thuhi hai too with extra music, and it works well! Ra ra vastava is Chaitra’s show – smashing rendtion of a showy tune! She sounds equally good in the absorbing pathos of Selvanuko too! Tippu carries the fun tune of That’s all right mama in his usual style, while Chupinchandey, with excellent vocals by Rahul Nambiar, uses the Veena to great effect! Kunal Ganjawala’s Endhukila nannu is the least interesting in the soundtrack, however. Consistently likeable mix from Anup!

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