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Anthaku-Mundu-Aa-Tarvatha new
Anthaku-Mundu-Aa-Tarvatha new
Anthaku-Mundu-Aa-Tarvatha new


Actor: ,
Release Date: 23 Aug 2013
Length: 2 hrs 15 mins
Synopsis: Fights and arguments crop up. Unexpected emotional demands are made on the couple. Will their love survive? Can they take it to the next level? Most importantly, will their parents approve?




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It is a romantic drama.



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Anthaka Mundhu Aa Tharuvatha – ‘Antaku mundu’ breezy, ‘aa taruvata’ mundane

No man will want to doubt Mohan Indraganti’s obsession with human relations after watching Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tharuvatha; he need not have flaunted his love for writer Chalam and the like some days ago. The film tells the story of a boy and a girl in love, how parents with a baggage of their own unconsciously create insecurities and anxieties in their unsuspecting wards, and its strength lies in the fact that good many heavy-dose scenes are dealt in a true-to-life manner. In the hands of some other director given to over-the-top depiction of emotions and conflicts, this film could have easily lapsed into exaggerated melodrama. Indraganti, true to his measured ways, keeps the drama gentle and appealing right from the word go, although there is an element of a simulated ‘tu-tu-main-main’ mediocrity ‘aa taruvata’.

Anil (Sumanth Ashwin) is the 23-year-old son of Rao Ramesh and Rohini, and like a character straight out of some novel, he yearns for freedom and adventure (almost) from the first scene. The mofussil youngster from Kadiyam village, who regrets the fact that he failed to sweep even a single girl while pursuing MBA in Pune, wants to fall in love with a city girl. He travels to Hyderabad to attend a wedding and falls in love with Ananya (Esha) at first sight. Sensing an opportunity to lead the life he always wanted, he convinces his father to settle down in Hyderabad as a businessman. Ananya, again like a character straight out of some novel, romanticizes romance (like a rare girl) and wants to be loved and pampered every moment by a caring husband (like the regular girl).

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