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Release Date: 10 Jan 2014
Length: 2 hrs 35 mins
Synopsis: On the whole a complete family entertainer, finish your Pongal rituals and rush to Veeram! You ain’t gonna regret it!




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Veeram is a typical masala with Ajith's screen presence and charisma.



Music Review

Veeram, a Pongal 2014 release, is Ajith Kumar’s follow up to his successful Arrambam. The film is directed by Siva of Siruthai fame and stars the likes of Tamannah, Santhanam and more. Music is by Devi Sri Prasad and all the songs have been penned by Vivega.

Nallavannu Solvaanga

Singers: Devi Sri Prasad

Lyrics: Vivega

The opening track has already been made famous through the teaser and the entire track manages to sustain the mass appeal for the most part, with solid support from Vivega’s lyrics. With a melody based on Carnatic Ragam Suddha Dhanyasi, the core instrumental of the synth hook and the guitar riff is most certainly the highlight of the track and is used intelligently by DSP. The fact that the track features some dialogues by Ajith should add to the entertainment of his fans.

Ival Dhaana

Singers: Sagar, Shreya Ghoshal

Lyrics: Vivega

A lively duet where DSP continues to milk the most from a pretty catchy hook – it features in different instrumental hues as well as a vocal melody. The well rounded production and adept vocal performances pushes this tune higher.

Thangame Thangame

Singers: Adnan Sami, Priyadarshini

Lyrics: Vivega

Again, very much in DSP territory here and the listener can see himself predicting how the track is going to pan out – not to mention that the track carries familiar strains of some of his earlier tunes. The composer, as he so very well does, keeps the tempo up and ensures that the mood is peppy. There are some impressive instrumental moments like the flute progression early on, but its few and far between. Adnan Sami’s Tamil diction is acceptable and the singers perform to their potential.

Jing Chakaan Jing Chakaan

Singers: Magizhini Manimaaran, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy

Lyrics: Vivega

Those who find themselves enjoying DSP’s danceable Telugu songs like ‘Kevu Keka’ and ‘Ringa Ringa’ will know what to take-away from a track like this. While this one does fall marginally short in caliber when compared to the aforementioned two tracks, the formula and intention is very much the same and the execution comes easy to DSP as he pushes all the right buttons to get the foot tapping and body moving. Pushpavanam Kuppusamy and Magizhini Manimaaran are good choices for singers.

Ratha Gaja

Singers: Anand, Deepak, Jagadish, Koushik

Lyrics: Vivega

A fiery tune which had also introduced itself early in one of the teasers comes as the album closer. The melody, loosely based on Carnatic Mayamalagowla scale, does pack a punch and the execution is equally thunderous with the percussions and the horns. The opening bars set up the intensity very well and DSP holds it together with strong instrumentation. The vocals in unison are excellent and they perform with intent.

Verdict:DSP cooks up a fiery masala fare for Ajith fans !
Source : Behindwoods

Movie Review

Ajith is Vinayak, the affectionate elder brother of four, crossing the mountains to make it big and yes the traditional story indeed. And to make the brother bond firm and glued, he detests marriage. Enter Pichai Muniyandi aka Santhanam who takes the first half on a roller coaster ride of decent fun! You can’t write this comedian off, not without utilizing his real potential! The tirade he runs through by trying to get the ruff and tuff Vinayak to fall in love along with the younger brothers is thoroughly enjoyable. .

After a crafty first half to a sentimental cum high voltage action packed second half with villains’ entry into the movie now and then, the film draws to a close with a lot of positivity. The train action sequence before the interval is worth mentioning and the Ajith has performed some daredevil stunts and is really a goose bumpy scene indeed, credits to the Silva and the stunt engineers for pulling this off. Not to single out most of the fight sequences, this really gave the much required mass feel to Ajith and his looks! Siva and Boopathy Raja’s storytelling deserves an applaud for it has taken the tested rural story and decorated it with mass, action and most importantly made use of Ajith’s enormous screen presence to the full potential. There are minor drawbacks like showcasing too much affection one too many times, these are very vintage sentimental trysts. The second half with sentiments and bonding is quite a lag, but on the whole it doesn’t jolt you much. DSP is known to have given some excellent mass numbers in the past, however Veeram will sadly remembered only for its aggressive BGM and not the songs. The art directors and Vetri’s cinematography of the beautiful village milieu is relishable!

Source : Indiaglitz

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