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inga enna solludhu
inga enna solludhu
inga enna solludhu


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Release Date: 30 Jan 2014
Length: 2 hrs 12 mins
Synopsis: The entire film revolves around Ganesh (VTV Ganesh), a bachelor forced into an unwanted marriage, and his get-rich-quick schemes with his wife’s money.




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Of everything else, the first thing to strike you is that the not-chocolate-boy, grumpy faced, cracker voiced VTV Ganesh is the hero. And the completely contrasting bubbly girl from last decade plays the heroine. If you’re wondering how it all works inside the same frame, then the answer lies clear in ‘Youth’ fame director Vincent Selva’s ‘Inga Enna Solludhu’. This film has quite many specialities to it – Meera Jasmine makes a striking comeback, VTV Ganesh plays hero and turns producer too, editor Anthony appears in a cameo and Simbu is paired up with Andrea. Bringing in the story of a dejected common man, ‘Inga Enna Solludhu’ is a mix of comedy and family masala.

Ganesh is married to Rajeshwari (Meera Jasmine), and quits his holiday with his brother-in-law abruptly in Kothagiri, on receiving a call from his sister, informing about the minor accident that Raje met with. As there are no immediate train or flight connectivity, he is planned to be chauffeured all the way to Chennai; Santhanam shows up as the driver Ezhumugam. In order to evade sleepiness, Ganesh narrates his story to the driver, starting from his first job at a pub to how he messed with his marriage. Once he’s thrown out of his first job for his big mouth and spontaneity, he lands a job in Singapore, where he meets his love interest, played by Swarnamalya. But it turns out that she’s already married and abandoned by her husband, after a daughter. Ganesh becomes a good family friend and takes care of the two, until one day when her husband returns from prison and realizes mistake. As his boss also grows jealous of him to the extent of parting ways with the business, it all becomes unbearable for Ganesh and he quits to return to India. Here is were he accidentally stumbles upon young achiever Raje. With practically no one for her, lonely Raje befriends Ganesh and Raghu (Simbu). After a few days with them, lonely Raje assumes Raghu’s cool headed friendship to be love, while Ganesh had already developed feelings for Raje. In a quick turn of events, Ganesh and Raje get married for a happy beginning. Or so does it seem. Things get miserable only there on. And ‘Inga Enna Solludhu’ is how everyone involved get out of their viscious ruts.

Ganesh is a familiar face after quite many movies since VTV and he doesn’t let go of his trademark yet again. His typically adapted dialogue delivery, stress in every word that he speaks, and his standalone acting are all strewn open in the film. Though he has entertained us with comedy a lot of times, his presence for such long duration sits heavy in the stomach. Ganesh’s presence is lively, but only in parts. This movie is a comeback for Meera Jasmine and she’s everything in place for that – toned down body, more homely and reserved sort of look instead of the college tomboy, and a differently made face. She plays the role of a lonely stressed girl but all the adjectives need not have been followed so far to every word. Santhanam has warm opening, but he begins with a clear innuendo before cruising steadily to the straightforward one liners. However, too many dialogues drains interest. STR fans will be delighted to see the suave, natural, cool and casual typical Simbu coming in for a major twist in the story. Disappointingly, Andrea features only very minimally in the movie, but makes her presence bold and beautiful.

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